Bitcoins have become very popular as the information age advances and with that, their demand has equally grown. A new platform has come up where Bitcoins can be exchanged as currencies are exchanged in banks or foreign exchange bureaus. This platform, is

What exactly is is a website exclusively built for Bitcoins exchange. Via this platform, one can buy Bitcoins, or sell them at affordable yet profitable prices, ensuring that a deficit or surplus of Bitcoins is well attended to.

Now, you might ask, “Since there are other Bitcoin exchange platforms, what does offer that is different from the rest? offers one striking feature; instant response time. Now, other platforms take several days before your loan request can be processed then your Bitcoins awarded. For, this wait time is a forgone story. Once you request for Bitcoins, it won’t take a day before you get credited with your most desired asset.

Secondly, the exchange rates and terms are far more conducive and a win-win for both sides as compared to the terms of other players in the business.

How does work? does not directly offer Bitcoin loan or exchange services but rather, it acts as an intermediary between the lender and the person taking the Bitcoin loan (or rather buying the Bitcoin).

To start off, you need to sign up in their website so that you get accredited with an xCoins account. With this account, you are given access to your xCoins wallet. After this stage, the next step is to either take the lender’s position or the position of the Bitcoins recipient.

As a lender

As a lender, the first thing you do is to accredit your xCoins wallet with Bitcoins and advertise your exchange rates. Your exchange rates also include a one-time interest that the borrower or recipient has to pay so as to be accredited with your Bitcoins. After completing this short process, your Bitcoin will now be available to be borrowed.

How the Bitcoin gets borrowed is a matter well captured from the recipient’s perspective.

As a Bitcoin recipient.

As a Bitcoin recipient, your work is to go through the rates of the different lenders and select which one favors you. Once you have your preferred lender, you simply accredit his/her account with the required amount, and once has acknowledged the payment, the bought Bitcoins are immediately awarded to your xCoins wallet.

Which modes of payment are available?

Bitcoin PayPal payment is one of the most convenient modes of payment. But if the Bitcoin PayPal payment does not favour you, xCoins still allows for payments via either bank accounts or credit cards.

Exchanges in are very secure. The need for this is cardinal since you would not trust your bank account, credit card or PayPal details passing through some channel that is susceptible to cyber-attacks.

In case things turn for the worst during your exchange process, and for some reason some process fails to materialize, there should be no call for alarm. offers 24/7 support to stem out arising issues thus ensure your Bitcoin exchange process runs as smooth as possible.

So, next time you notice you have a deficit of Bitcoins that you so badly need, or your Bitcoins account is on the verge of total overflow and you want to let some of the valued Bitcoins out, is the place you should go.